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AMC SS2024

Student Projects

(1) Schafalarm (Sheep Alarm)

Motion detection and tracking of sheep flocks.

:!: Go here: Schafalarm


  • Sam (Advisor)
  • Tasio
  • Marlene

(2) Chicken Check

Where are the chicken? In the chicken coop? Sitting on the nest? Breeding? Outside?

:!: Go here: Chicken Check


  • Taycan (Advisor)
  • Sam (Advisor)
  • Shreya (Advisor)
  • Jihad
  • Tarik
  • Nour

(3) Home Assistant Server System

Home Automation setup (on Raspberry PI or the like) with own WiFi router (access point) for an IoT system teaching.

:!: Go here: Home Assistant Server


  • Taycan (Advisor)
  • Ekaterina
  • Anastasiia
  • Demid

(4) Bird Feeder (Pet Feeder)

:!: Go here: Bird Feeder


  • Shreya (Advisor)
  • Sam (Advisor)
  • Taycan (Advisor)
  • Seif

(5) Irrigation Cart Nozzle


  • Amr
  • any more?

(6) Water Quantity Measurement

Building a groundwater gauge with low power design, real-time clock and LoRaWAN data transmission.

:!: Go here: Groundwater Gauge


  • Melchior
  • Andreas
  • Henrydon

Further Ideas of Minor Priority

(7) Laser Scanning Drone in Chimneys

(8) Green House Window Opener Integration

Stuff to be sorted

MQTT Publish-Subscribe Sequence

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